Stefano Duro

CEO, Teacher, Investor and Entrepreneur


Stefano Duro is a goal-oriented entrepreneur and financial coach who is also known as the Gary-Vee of Goals Based Advice in Australia.

He co-founded his first financial firm in 2017 at the age of 27, widely known as Pure Private Wealth.

His ambitions to elevate the way people receive financial advice led Pure Private Wealth to be one of the first companies in Australia to digitalise using smarter technology. We're on a journey to help more Australians experience visual & interactive advice - bringing their goals to life.

Stefano's experience as a financial adviser and motivated coach has seen him help people across the world empower and change their lives for the better.

His latest ventures include launching The Self Mastery Podcast featuring Grant Cardone and CEO of Collective Hub, Lisa Messenger.

His passions include all things entrepreneurship and elevating his impact through the help of his executive mentors. He coaches and educates thought leaders, creatives and visionaries to reach mountain tops. He thrives by leading others through self-development with the unwavering belief that through following your purpose, taking risks, and executing on massive effort - that anyone has the potential to make their dreams become a reality.

Stefano is creating an online academy by translating his life experiences and knowledge from 1-1 sessions into an interactive step by step process to help people access affordable lessons to achieve their goals.

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